Will Akinnuoye

Tuesday 4th November 2014

Will Akinnuoye

Will joined the Fast Track to Work Programme, in September 2013; like many people his age, Will joined the programme unsure about the field of work he wanted to go into and was keen to try something new.

How long had you been out of work before you joined SE17working?

About three months. Before that, I had done lots of different jobs, I had worked with kids, doing football coaching and mentoring, I had also worked at a betting shop for 2 years.  A lot of the work I was doing was on contract, the contracts would end and I would be unemployed again.

What work were you looking for?

I was looking for anything really. I wanted to try something new; I really hate being bored at work. I also wanted to think about my long term career plans, at school and college you never really get the chance to talk about that.

Had you been looking for work? What was your experience?

Before I joined the SE17Working Programme, I would be applying for jobs, only to find that the position had been filled, or I would send off my CV and wouldn’t hear anything back.

What did you do with SE17 working?

I joined the Fast Track to Work programme, we got a lot of one to one support. It might sound stupid, but I learnt a lot about myself on the programme. It really opened my mind to what kind of jobs I wanted, I realised that the thing I like most in the jobs I have done in the past, is working with people. Although I don’t quite know what my long term goal is, I have a much better idea of what I am looking for.

We looked through my CV together, I had no idea that it could be enhanced in that way. At school you are just given a CV template and told to fill it in, but we were told to really personalise what we had done, to make it our own.

What job did you find?

I got a bar job, in a really busy bar. It is a very friendly place. I have got to see lots of different elements, like going to a trade fair and networking with other people. It might not be exactly what I want to do long term, but it’s a good experience.

What would advice would you give to anyone looking for work?

I would say to anyone pop down and see Creation, there is not one person there who  won’t sit you down and help you out.

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