What we do

Thursday 7th February 2019

Creation Trust is dedicated to making sure that residents living on the Aylesbury estate receive the benefits of the regeneration of the area.

These benefits are not just new homes, schools, community facilities and a much improved park and open spaces, but the social and economic benefits of regeneration, such as employment, education and training, improvements in health and well being and a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour.

Creation Trust wants to make sure that Walworth offers opportunities for everyone living here and is a place that people feel proud to call home. A place where we feel safe and supported and able to reach our full potential.  

Creation supports local people to have real influence over the decisions that are being made about the area and the priorities of the Trust's work.  Over half the places on Creation’s Board of Trustees are reserved for resident members.

We work closely with Southwark Council and other partners, such as the building developers and Housing Associations, to ensure that the plans for the re-development are in line with the principles of the Aylesbury Area Action Plan (AAAP). The AAAP is the planning document for the area and documents the requirements that local people have asked for when the estate is rebuilt. To find more information about Southwark Council's plans for the area visit the dedicated pages for the Aylesbury estate.

Creation is the successor organization to the Aylesbury NDC. We are a Community Development Trust and we operate as a charity. We are funded through a number of different organisations, including Southwark Council, L&Q and ARK.

The Aylesbury estate is changing, the regeneration of the area is expected to last 20 years. Over this time Creation will be working to ensure that new people are welcomed into the area, whilst supporting the existing community to feel part of the changes that will help shape a new neighbourhood. We will work closely with the new development partner for the estate and Southwark Council to ensure that local people continue to receive the social economic benefits of the regeneration.

For further information about the plans for the Aylesbury estate, visit Notting Hill's website   www.aylesburynow.london