The Giraffe House

Wednesday 7th February 2018

The Giraffe House

The Giraffe House is a wonderful building – that is a little rough around the edges – We have been running the space since March 2016 and have filled with amazing things being done by brilliant people !

Sports – Burgess Sports offer after school coaching and fun physical activities and their holiday programmes benefit nearly 100 families every session.

Arts – Thursdays offer an art session with The Latin American multi cultural group.

Youth Club – XLP and 2InSpire offer regular sessions for the teens Pre school – Half pints nursery run a term time pre school

SE17 working - looking for work our job search & motivational projects have helped over 500 people find sustained employment website

Hot desk - for groups in need of a desk space we have 8 desks & office equipment to help with the running of your club or society. Open to all members of Burgess sports

Silver Fit - Its not just for whipper snappers! Thursdays Silver Fit take over our function room & offer their tai chi and Nordic walk classes

Vlogging room ! - after a great pilot that saw 3 of our participants become finalists for a nationwide club going competition we've kitted out a room with latest technology

Community cycleworks - the group hold regular bike fix sessions in their ground floor workshop

Address and contact numbers

The Giraffe House is in Burgess Park, 285 Albany Road, London SE5 0AH

Contact 0207 7038923