Tafote Akerejola

Tuesday 6th January 2015

Tafote Akerejola

Getting one job just wasn't enough for Tafote - she got two! Thanks to the SE17Working Programme, she has learnt how to ace her interviews.

How long had you been out of work before you joined SE17Working?

6 months 

How did SE17Working help you?

SE17Working helped me to better my interview skills.  Now I can ‘ace’ in any interviews I face from now on. The programme also helped me develop my confidence - skills I could apply in my everyday life and not just in employment. I learnt a lot about the employment world.  This has been so beneficial for me because I can now apply what I know when it comes to searching and getting a job.

What job did you find?

I have managed to find two jobs.  One as a Steward, and the other as a catering assistant. 

How do you feel now you are employed?

Now that I am employed I feel like all my hard work has finally paid off.  I can finally say that I am an 'employed' individual and spend my 'spare' time doing productive things. I am more comfortable that I can now contribute to financial matters at home whilst getting paid for what I enjoy doing.

What advice would you give to others looking for work?

Contact the SE17Working Team!

If you would like to get help with finding employment and live on the Aylesbury estate, or the surrounding area, please contact SE17Working 0207 7038923.