Summer 2018

Wednesday 11th July 2018

Summer 2018

The 6 week holidays are getting closer, the weather is lovely and we are thinking summer! We are just putting together the summer programme 2018, which will be with residents in the next couple of weeks.

We will be outside local schools in the week before the holidays to hand out the programme.

Summer Launch Party

Come to the summer launch event Friday 20th July at the Giraffe House from 3pm. You will get the chance to sign up for activities and get some summer taster programmes. 

Summer Programme

Every year there is a full programme of events and activities for young people on the Aylesbury estate, with different organisations coming together to offer something every day of the school holidays. The activities are free of charge and available for childre from ages 8 and over. This year there is Jewellery making, Bike riding, Spray art, Football, African Dance, Photography,  Latin dance and drumming, Capoeira, Flower arranging, Youth club, Rugby, Tennis, Boxing and Spoken word, and film screenings. To download the Aylesbury summer programme 2018 click here

Burgess Sports

This incredibly popular programme run by Burgess Sports offers Football, Tennis, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Boxing, Cricket, BMX. It is arranged in such a way to ensure that those taking part will never be idle; every moment will be filled with games, sport discipline, and technical theory, each explained and put into practice. Its aim is to promote sport, to inspire and develop our young people, and to ensure that sport is importantly both affordable and accessible.

You can sign up for the Burgess Sports camp here

Little Fish Programme for Year 6

For any children in Year 6, there is the Little Fish Theatre company's programme of dance and drama, to help with transition to secondary school. This programme is free of charge. For full details visit 


For those of you interested in BMX, Southwark are offering a programme throughought the summer, click here for more information


If you are only interested in tennis, rather than multi sports, the Burgess Sports tennis centre offer tennis every day of the school holidays. Sign up for their programme here