Ronald Casey

Thursday 2nd April 2015

Ronald Casey

62 year old Ronald had lived on the Aylesbury estate since it was built. When he found out it would be redeveloped, he was, in his own words ‘shattered’, but when his block became active, he decided that he had to face the situation head on. With the support of Creation’s Resident Support programme, he is now settling into a new home in Walworth.

“My family moved into the Aylesbury estate, in 1971. We were one of the first families to move into Missenden.  At first we thought the estate was quite beautiful, it was so much better than anywhere we had lived before; we had hot water and indoor bathrooms.  I seem to remember, that in those days, you had to fulfil a character check before you moved in, but all that changed and the estate went downhill.”

“My mum was a cleaner, bringing up 5 children on her own. I had a lot of health problems as a child, it was so bad that I was sent away to a GLC owned boarding school in Sussex, where the air was better.”

“As my mum got older, she became unwell and could no longer cope with the Missenden flat, so we moved, I moved into Winslow in 2000. Over the years that we lived on the estate, we had a lot of problems, for example with floods, people throwing things out the window and generally acting in ways that didn’t comply with the tenancy,  but despite the problems, I felt shattered when I heard the estate was coming down.”

“I am pretty ok with using computers and I found the bidding system quite straight forward, but I really think it is quite unfair on older people, or anyone who can’t use computers.”

“I viewed two properties before I got this one, one was in very poor condition and the other was too expensive. It is smaller than my flat on the Aylesbury, but the location is great and there are fantastic views. It is affordable, I pay £2 more a week than I use to pay, and there are also no heating bills as they are part of the rent, like the Aylesbury.”

“The Resident Support Programme was excellent, Natasha was very supportive and helpful, and she advised me on my rights and the service available to me. She helped me to organise my move and she organised for Creation to support me with packing my belongings. Even though I donated lots of my possessions to charity when I moved, I still had a lot of stuff, boxes and boxes. Natasha helped with lots of little jobs here and there, and chasing up to make sure things were happening. She helped me get money back from the council, she also helped me sort out my Housing Allowance, with her intervention she got money back for me, as I had been overcharged for my rent.”

“The support of the Resident Support Team, really helped with the stress of moving. I would say to anyone who has to move out of the Aylesbury estate to contact Creation, they can help with advice and benefits. There aren’t that many flats available, so you have to start getting involved as soon as you can. The help is out there.”