Rain or Shine Festival

Wednesday 11th July 2018

Rain or Shine Festival

An outdoor festival of circus, theatre, and storytelling for families and those who are young at heart set in beautiful Burgess Park, London. The Old Library, Burgess Park, SE5 0PX

To download the full programme click here Rise or Shine Poster

Cabaret by The Purple Ladies

Wednesday, 25th July

The Purple Ladies Cabaret is a family-friendly event presenting high quality acts by local performers of all ages and guest artists from around the globe in a heavy mix of circus, comedy, music, poetry, dance and puppetry. Come and join us for a spectacular afternoon!

The Tales of Beatrix Potter by Gobbledigook Theatre

Saturday, 28th July
11:30am & 3:30pm

‘The Tales of Beatrix Potter’ is a fantastic interactive theatre production for all ages. With a national reputation for creating imaginative twists on classic family stories, Gobbledigook Theatre bring a show inspired by three of Potters favourite tales –as well as details of her life and what she achieved.

Join Beatrix Potter and her characters on an adventure, which York Press called ‘An Utter Delight’.

5 Short Plays by Southwark Playhouse Young Company

Sunday, 29th July

Theatre Uncut was created to get people thinking, talking and taking action on the events that are happening in the world around them. Playwrights from a selection of countries are asked to write new short plays in response to
their current political situation. Southwark Playhouse Young Company (Ages 19 – 25) present five of these plays.

Safe by Niellah Arboine
Mortar by Sharon Clark
Nobody by Vivienne Franzmann
Confessions by Cordelia Lynn
The Power of Plumbing by Sabrina Mahfouz

Look Up by Hikapee Theatre

Wednesday, 1st August
11:30am & 5pm

Look Up is a celebration of what we can see if we step outside of our everyday lives, and embrace the world around us. Look Up follows Robyn, a child puppet, who has difficulty connecting with other people, who are otherwise immersed in their busy lives, constantly glued to their phones, with no time for conversation. As a result, Robyn sees the potential in what we might see if we look up, and helps the other characters to do so, leading into a celebration of this world above. The production explores the artistic collaboration of theatrical narrative, highly skilled circus technique and puppetry. 

The Runner by Youaremine

Saturday, August 4th
11:30am & 3:00pm

Nina loves adventures. She’s always getting herself into scrapes! But this adventure is very different. This one is for real. Join Nina and her brother Taz as they embark on an epic journey over land and sea seeking refuge far from home. With a stunning live music underscore, this coming-of-age tale shows that when things get tough, the most unlikely of friends and a belief in yourself can guide you through to safety.

The Big Party

Sunday, 5th August

Join us for a celebration of the final day of Rain or Shine with music, games performances and fun activities for children.

Mandinga Arts – Learn basic circus skills, choreography and try your hand at drumming in the drop-in workshops; experience Mandinga’s costumes and interact with playful colours and join in the parade at the end of the day. 

Terabac – Interact with their travelling troupe of insects. A visual and dramatic walkabout piece involving magnificent costumes made from reclaimed materials. They tell tales of transformation and regeneration interspersed with songs.

Louise Bland– Deep winter has set in in the Giant’s garden. The children are locked out by a very high brick wall built by the Giant. Why is the Giant being so selfish?! Explore how youcan bring summer back to the Garden and help the Giant see the errors of his ways.