Our Projects

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Creation Trust runs a number of projects to benefit residents on the Aylesbury estate. We fund activities for younger residents, our employment programme SE17Working helps residents to find jobs and we also have a dedicated casework programme that assists some of the most vulnerable and isolated residents on the estate.

Tackling Unemployment

SE17Working is a Creation Trust programme that helps local people to find employment and aims to remove barriers that are preventing them from getting a job, these might be language problems, childcare issues or physical or mental health issues. We support people with CV writing, job searching, interview techniques and helping people to stay in work once they have found a job. 

We also run a number of small intense projects throughout the year and these are particularly useful for anyone who has been out of work for a while, or perhaps has never worked. These have included include Fast Track to Work, the WOW programme, InStall and the Pop-Up Shop project.

If you live on the Aylesbury estate or surrounding area and you are looking for work, contact SE17Working on 0207 7038923 or visit www.se17working.co.uk to find out how we can help you.

Giraffe House and Young People

In 2016 Creation took over the running of the Giraffe House in Burgess Park, offering a base for local community groups. The space is now filled with amazing things being done by brilliant people!

Burgess Sports offer after school coaching and fun physical activities and their holiday programmes benefit nearly 100 families every session. Inspire and the Latin American Cultural group also offer activities for young people a couple of nights a week. There is also Half Pints nursery downstairs, offering affordable childcare in term time. Community Cycleworks are also based downstairs and hold regular bike fix sessions in their ground floor workshop. Peckham BMX are also using the building for their meetings and social engagements.

Silver Fit use the space, offering sporting activities for people over 50, they use the upstairs function room for their tai chi and yoga classes.

In December we also opened a dedicated vlogging room, with state of the art equipment, following on from a great pilot project that saw 3 of our participants become finalists for a nationwide competition.

Supporting Vulnerable Residents

Creation's Resident Support Programme offers in-depth one to one support to the most vulnerable residents on the estate. Vulnerable can mean anything from older people, people with disabilities, mental health issues, or those with complex family arrangements. We are able to support people through the regeneration process and make sure they find housing that suits their needs.

 If you have an issue you would like to discuss contact 0207 7038923.

Older People

Creation is very keen to ensure that older people on the estate feel very supported in our community. We work very closely with local partners such as AgeUK Lewisham and Southwark, South London Cares and SilverFit, to make sure that Aylesbury estate residents are able to access all their services. 

We also run our own events for local over 50s, including the very popular Posh Club. We offer a weekly session with AgeUK Lewisham and Southwark, who meet every Tuesday afternoon. Previously, we have secured additional funding to run an older men's cookery project. If you are interested in this group contact Sarah 0207 7038923 for more information. 


We have a number of projects aimed at informing and engaging residents on the estate. These include, events, publications and the Community Team. The Community Team is a group of Aylesbury Estate residents employed by Creation on an occasional basis, to assist with Creation outreach, events, research, and to help inform residents about the regeneration process.

We have also carried out a number of creative projects to help people get involved in their local area and to make a visual impact. These include a remake of the Channel 4 ident filmed on the estate  and our Hoardings project.