Meet Shelia

Friday 1st July 2016

Meet Shelia

After 44 years of living on the Aylesbury estate, 86 year old Shelia has just moved to a brand new home in SE17. Which she describes as 'out of this world'. Find out more about her move.

Shelia has been living on Wendover for 44 years, but now, aged 86, she is about to move to a new home in Walworth. Echo catches up with her to see how she feels about the big move.

“The priest has already been around to bless my new place; I just can’t wait to move in. It is so much brighter than where I am now.”

“Before the Aylesbury we lived in Bermondsey, but after a few years, the Council told us they were knocking down our estate, so they moved all of us from the same street to the same floor on Wendover. So this is the second regeneration I have experienced!”

“When I moved onto the Aylesbury estate, the rent was £6 a week and my housing officer at that time gave me £10 to buy net curtains. When we moved in, it was so nice and clean, we all knew each other, but over the years people have moved away and it is not the same place anymore. I have been burgled twice since I have lived here. We have been flooded twice too.”

“My new house is absolutely out of this world! I like everything about it. I love that there is a fob to get in to the building, so it is very safe. There are no stairs inside the property, not like here. There is a large balcony for a table and chairs in the summer and a lovely big bathroom. I am moving to a Housing Association property, to me leaving the Council is not really a worry, it was just about finding the right property.”

“Luckily, because I am going for a new build property I didn’t have to bid, which is a relief. The actual moving and packing up all my things is really stressful, after 44 years I have a lot of things, but it will all be worth it.”

“Creation has been very helpful thoughout this process, Dambile has been so helpful, making things easier for me, like organising for handrails to be put in and a bath chair. She has reassured me all the way that I would find somewhere to live. I have also had a lot of help from my family.”

“I am looking forward to being settled and having a party in my new house – I am really going to enjoy it!”

If you are moving from the Aylesbury estate and would like some support, please contact our Resident Support Team on 0207 7038923.