Meet Leon

Tuesday 20th December 2016

Meet Leon

After 12 years of being out of work, Aylesbury estate resident Leon was beginning to get down about things, but now with the help of SE17Working, he is working as a site labourer and feel a lot more positive.

 How did SE17 working help you?

I spoke to the Employment Advisor and they working on my CV and helped me to look for work. SE17Working then made me aware of construction opportunities through their text notification service. I went to the interview and found a job with Keltbray (Be ONsite). I worked with Keltbray until October 2016 and then I took up SE17Working assistance again - they found me another job!

How do you feel now you are employed?

When I was unemployed I felt helpless. Now that I am employed I respect myself more and have more pride in myself.

I would say to anyone looking for work, stay positive and never give up. I plan to take everything step by step until I have earned enough money to branch out and start my own business. I want to start something to do with construction and quantity surveying and will also like to do other little projects, like blogs and aps.