Meet James

Thursday 7th March 2019

Meet James

Walworth Dad of two, James Ogwang, was looking for support to find long term employment, after a number of jobs had come to a end after only a few months. Find out how SE17Working were able to assist him.

“Before coming to Creation, I had worked from job to job, as a barber, in retail, as a steward and as a labourer. But I had been out of work for a year before a friend told me about SE17 Working.”

Creation hears from many people in a similar position to James, people who know where they want to be, but who are not sure how to get there. James said “I found myself in a position where I was not progressing, but I could not identify why.”

We put together a CV for James and because he had tried lots of different jobs, we were able to highlight his transferable skills and his love of sport. We also showed James more innovative ways to find work. James says: "Looking for work can be really stressful, but it helps to know that there is someone that you can turn to for advice and reassurance!"

One of Creation’s employer contacts sent us a position for a part-time Sports Attendant in Burgess Park. Knowing his love of sport and his customer service experience, we sent over James’s CV and we were delighted when he was called for an interview and got the job!

After only a few months, James was promoted to a full time position. He also now works as a Sales Assistant for Arsenal Stadium on match days. We are confident that all of these experiences in a relevant field will help James to launch his own business in the future.

What advice would James give to anyone in a similar position to himself? "Do not lose hope. There will always be another opportunity round the corner. Just keep looking and applying yourself! Now I have found employment, I feel more confident. I feel like I am contributing to society. I can also play a more active role in my kids' lives"

Your Turn?

Has James’s story inspired you? Are you looking for a career reboot? Creation’s employment programme SE17Working is here to help all residents on the Aylesbury estate and SE17 area. Call us today on 0207 7012982 or email and find out how we can help you.