Meet Florence

Thursday 2nd February 2017

Meet Florence

12 months ago Florence walked into the Creation office, very upset, life had got a bit stressful and she was in need of some support. A year on, she is smiling and life is much better for her and her children.

Florence lives in temporary accommodation on the Aylesbury estate, with her two young children, one who has serious health problems. Florence wanted some support to get things back on track and she was unsure where to go for help. We are delighted to say that, thanks to Creation’s Resident Support Team, SE17Working and 1st Place Children’s Centre, Florence is now much happier, she has found work and is getting the support she needs to look after her family. 

“The day I found Creation was a great day. I had a warm welcome and everyone was so friendly. When we pass now, my children always wave to the office because they know it so well. I didn;t know the Aylesbury estate before I was moved here, but now I am so happy that I live here.”

“I was going through some tough times at that time. When you don’t know anyone in the area it feels lonely. I had been out or work for three years at that time because I was struggling to find something that would fit in with being a mum to my children.”

“Creation helped me to make sure I was getting the right benefits, they also helped me to start bidding for permanent housing. They also sent me to 1st Place in the Burgess Park. They were so kind, helping me with the children and getting to know people and be more confident.”

“When I said that I was looking for work, SE17Working helped me to write a CV. They helped me a lot! They didn’t rush me—I felt comfortable. They have good staff, and they all encouraged me.”

“I have now starting working. I am doing domestic work, I love my job. The best thing is I’m working in 1st Place, the children’s centre that helped me so much.

“Now I am working I feel happy. Before I hadn’t even worked a month until this year when Creation helped me to find a job and get a course. If anyone is looking for work or help, my advice is to come to Creation. They’ve got a lot of encouragement and support, and help you get training.”

  “I have started to dream again - when I was young I wanted to be a nurse, but I come from a poor family and I didn’t get this chance. Now I want to do a childcare course at the centre (where I’m working) so my dream of making something of my life is becoming a reality.”