Meet Ewa

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Meet Ewa

For the last 3 years, Ewa has been working as a valued member of Creation’s Community Team, using the skills and experience she gained on the team to help her find employment. Her story shows that if you take advantage of opportunities and get yourself out there, you can achieve your goals.

How long have you been on the Community Team?

I joined the Community Team in June 2013. It was funny story how I started, I was new in the area, when I received the Echo magazine thorough my door. I read it from cover to cover. I found lots of information about where I could go with my very young daughter. Inside the magazine there was a competition to identify different images from the Aylesbury Estate and identify where they were. I entered the competition and I won! When I went to the office to collect my prize, I got talking about the various things Creation did and they mentioned the Community Team, which I decided to join, so it was a double win that day!

What do you enjoy about it?

I enjoy working with so many people and there are always new tasks and new skills. I have made wonderful friends. Being involved with new things, even things like poetry classes for example, which I never would have tried before.

What kind of jobs have you done with the Community Team?

I have had a real variety of jobs, like Park Ambassador at Burgess Park, helping at community events, being a waitress at the Posh Club and helping with catering. I have also been involved with projects connected to the regeneration of the area, like doing questionnaires and talking with Aylesbury Estate residents, helping older people with their packing and supporting a cooking project and delivering leaflets and magazines.

What have you gained personally from being involved with Creation Trust?

Creation Trust helped me to develop myself. I found people on my life path who have shown me that nothing is impossible. I’m still new to the UK (I moved from Poland 6 years ago), when I arrived, I was afraid to talk, I thought my English was so bad and no one would understand me. But Creation helped to build my confidence! They kept me up to date with details of courses like: “personal development”, “events management”, “park ambassador”, “safeguarding”, “money champion”, “first aid” and many more, which I was really keen to get involved in, so I could build my qualifications in this country.

Now I have a job, working at the St John’s church in Waterloo as Facilities Coordinator and I am so grateful that my life is going in good way. I would never be able to achieve so much without the help of Creation Trust.

I would say to anyone who wants to get more involved with their local community, to join the Community Team, it is a real chance to develop yourself, to be more confident and meet wonderful and helpful people. 

If you would like to find out more about Creation's Community Team and how to get involved, contact