Meet Evonne

Thursday 1st August 2019

Meet Evonne

As the Aylesbury Estate is redeveloped and secure tenants move out, their homes are used as temporary accommodation for some of the many homeless families living in Southwark. Evonne Dizzy-Quaye and her four children lived in temporary accommodation in Wendover for almost four years. In February, the family moved from the Aylesbury into their permanent home.

“In 2012, I had some serious health issues and ended up having to stay with friends in London to recover from an operation.  But my friend had children as well and there is only so long you can all stay together before it gets stressful. I had to move out, but even though I was working I couldn’t afford it.”

“Eventually we ran out of options, so we presented to Southwark Council as homeless. We were put in touch with a charity who gave us emergency accommodation in Croydon. I would travel with my kids to school every day and then go to work – it was a difficult time for all of us.”

“In 2015, the  I moved into Wendover. The property was really big and close to great schools, but there were problems. We had mice so bad; they were literally in your face 24/7.”

“Not knowing how long you are going to be in a place is unsettling, especially for the children. I did my best to make it comfortable for the kids, I painted it, bought new rugs, anything to feel like a home.”

“I had some issues with my bidding and my Housing Officer referred me to Creation Trust. If I hadn’t come across them I don’t know what I would have done.  They helped sort out my bidding, they helped with our move. I would always recommend them anytime, any day!”

“The place we are in now; it is a four bedroom ground floor Council flat off Jamaica rd. My twins are autistic and that means they struggle to understand risk and danger, so it was really important that we got a ground floor property. We have been here a few months and it is starting to feel like home, I see that my children are starting to feel more settled. That is the most important thing.”

Your turn

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