Meet David

Monday 18th May 2015

David came out of prison and ended up in a local ex-offenders unit, he turned up at the Creation office saying he wanted to make a change in his life, we are delighted to say that is exactly what he has done.

He registered with Creation Trust for support in finding an apprenticeship in plumbing or construction. He attended the Work Out Well programme which included a full NHS health check.   

The course helped David to grow more confident and helped him to learn more about the employment market and how best to approach it without feeling that a criminal record would mean that he was unemployable.    This included having a CV created and attending a mock interview which proved to be a major turning point for him as it was his first and after intensive support he came through it with flying colours which boosted his confidence. The SE17Working team also supported David through a series of mock CSCS tests with the aim of attaining a CSCS card to enable him to work in the construction industry. He successfully completed the test but suffered a major setback after being made homeless.   With a combination of his own tenacity and the dedication of the SE17Working team lead to him eventually finding employment as a Labourer.