Meet Bola and Debo

Tuesday 26th February 2019

Meet Bola and Debo

A year ago, 64 year old palliative carer Gladys Abola Ajose and her husband Debo lived on the 4th floor of Wendover. The regeneration of the Aylesbury estate meant the couple had to move, Creation catches up with the couple in their new home.

“I lived on Wendover since 2005, I joined my husband who had been there since the 1990s. I liked Wendover, the place was secure all the time I was living there. I would go out early in the morning and late at night, I never had any problems. Moveover, it is near to everything, to the market, my friends and most important to my church.”

“There were some things I really didn’t like about the Aylesbury, it is very noisy, we had some noisy neighbours, traffic jams, there was always noise, ambulances, police, the noise pollution is terrible.”

“I was excited when I found out we were moving, I was happy. Obviously not knowing where we were moving too was stressful, but overall I was excited about leaving the estate and starting again.”

“Moving house is no joke! But by God we got there in the end. We had lots of help from the Council and Creation Trust with moving. But it was a big job having to pack up so many boxes ourselves. Because my husband had lived there so many years, he had many, many things.”

“Our new place is where God lives! It is our heaven. We now live in an estate in Camberwell. We are still with the Council, which we like. We are now on the ground floor in a one bedroom house and we have a garden. One downside compared to the Aylesbury is that is we are quite far from the bus stop, but that is it. It is so quiet here, like living in a village!”

“This is our home now, for our age it is more comfortable. We are now on the ground floor. We don’t have anything to do with the lifts anymore, no more climbing the stairs when it broke down. We are really happy.”

If you are currently moving as a result of the regeneration and would like support contact Creation’s Resident Support Team today and find out how they can help you 0207 7038923