Meet Benedicta

Friday 28th September 2018

Meet Benedicta

After 20 years of working for a local authority, Aylesbury resident, Benedicta was made redundant. With the help of SE17Working, Benedicta has picked herself up from this set back and has now started in a new career with a bright future.

Benedicta said: “I was made redundant, which made me feel quite sad.  I thought how will I be able to look for a job that I actually I like!”   

After receiving a leaflet about SE17Working, Benedicta called Creation to find out how we could help. Job adviser Nils arranged an appointment to talk about the kind of jobs she wanted and what support she was hoping for, “they helped me to do my CV and to apply for jobs.  Nils was very helpful and motivated me….when I thought I could not do it, he pushed me on.”

Like many people who have be unemployed for a while, Benedicta’s self-confidence had really been affected, she said this changed after she took part in our confidence and motivation session. “After the session I started being more independent and also looking for work myself. My family even started saying I was looking happier.”

All of this perseverance paid off and after 6 months of trying, Benedicta’s found a job as an Administration for Doctor Surgeries: “I found this job through creation.  I was very happy when I found it, it is part time, which is wanted to fit in with my children’s school and it is more local.  I have been in this job December 2017.   I love it, I can meet lots of people and I like helping people which is my natural nature.”

What advice would Benedicta give to other people who find themselves out of work? “They should come to creation, they are friendly and happy to help.  I also met a friend there.  We started talking in the sessions then exchanged numbers.  I know that we are able to support each now if we need to make changes in the future to our jobs.”

Looking for work?

If, like Benedicta, you would like some support finding work, SE17Working can help you. Call us today to see how we can assist you 02077012982