Julia Onley

Tuesday 4th November 2014

Julia Onley

93 year old Julia Onley lived on the Aylesbury Estate for 40 years, since her block, Chiltern, was built in 1972. When her building became part of the next phase of the regeneration, it obviously meant huge changes for Julia. She worked with Natasha one of Creation Resident Support Workers to find a new place she could call home.

“I was one of the first people to move into Cartridge, I amd the only person to have ever lived in my flat,” says Julia. Who stand proudly in her immaculate front room. “When we moved in, all the blocks were named a particular colour, there was a green and block, this one was yellow, because all the front doors were yellow.”

“When we moved in, we paid £27 a week rent and 18 shillings for a garage,” Julia says, “We used to have a milkman come every morning, but he was banned in the end, because his troleet made so much noise rattling alond the walkways at 6 in the morning. For years, we had a noisy neighbour, my husband would call her Cinderella, because she would come in every night at five to midnight, in her high heel shoes and we would hear her every night clattering over the walkway above us, we would wait until she came home before we went to bed.” Julia has always lived in the area. “I grew up just around the corner on Neate Street and I went to St Peter’s Primary. I left school when I was 14 and went to work at Savages making bras and corsets, but I didn;t really like it, I have had lots of jobs, I worked in a bank for a long time.”

Julia talks about the local businesses she remember including Asfords Steam Laundry on Albany Road, the local tobacconist and sweet shop, “A lothas changed around her, and not all of it for the best, but I canstill get on the 42, bus around to the Lanes, and buy my jellied eels on a Friday.”

When I found out that Chartridge was going to be knocked down, I didn;t know what to think really, I mean I have lived her so long. But there are problems with it, and not everyone living here takes as much care of the building as they used to. It is important that I find something not to far from here, something close to the bus, the shops and my bingo on Tuesday. Somewhere I can call home.”

Julia was referred to Creation’s Resident Support Programme by Southwark Council’s Housing Office, we work one to one with residents who are having to move, supporting residents to understand their options and support them to find something that will suit them. We help residents to bid for properties, we take them to view the properties and then we help them with packing up and settling into their new homes. Julia was successful in find a new home in Darwin Court, a place she  was already familiar with, as she already played bingo there. 

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