Josue Ezequeil Morais Anotonio

Monday 12th May 2014

Josue Ezequeil Morais Anotonio

One of the most popular ever ECHO covers featured the Aylesbury resident know as ‘duckman’ and his pet ducks, Donald and Daffy. It has been a while since we featured a feathery resident, so when we heard about Taplow resident, Josue and his African grey parrot, Phoenix, which just had to met him!

Walking into Josue’s flat, we are greeted by Phoenix sitting on the top of the living room door where we discover, that despite having a huge cage in the corner of the room, he prefers to sleep. Phoenix is a wonderful grey blue colour with a bright scarlet tail. “It is impossible to tell the sex of a parrot without a blood test, so I picked a name that is good for girl and boy parrot and good for his fire tale, says Josue.

The bird sits at the top of the door scrutinizing us before flying onto Josue’s shoulder, and taking up a perch there as we talk, Josue explains “he only comes to people he knows, it takes him time to get his trust of people.” 

Josue, who is originally from Brazil, has owned Phoenix since 2010, when he was given him by his friend as a surprise. “I have always loved birds, in particular, parrots” says Josue. “My friend knew that I was going through a hard time at that time, I was quite depressed so he wanted to do something nice for me.”  Like many people with pets, Josue found that being responsible for something else gave him a sense of purpose and really helped with his depression: “When I got Phoenix, I had a reason to get up in the morning, if I am not up then he doesn’t get fed. I can’t just stay in bed all day. I am never alone now, there is always Phoenix to talk to.”

On the subject of talking.... does his parrot speak? Josue says: “When I got Phoenix he was talking English, but I speak Portuguese, so now he speaks that. He can say ‘come here’ ‘go to your house’. He has one word in English, ‘sorry’.” Beginning to get bored off being talked about rather than being talked too, Phoenix starts misbehaving and seeking attention from his owner  - maybe clarifying why the bird knows how to apologise in multiple languages!