Meet Ernestina and Jonathan

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Meet Ernestina and Jonathan

Residents Jonathan and Ernestina have been working throughout the lockdown period, here they tell their stories.

Jonathan has been going to his job, as a day porter in Mayfair, throughout the lockdown. His wife, Ernestina has been completing her studies to become a nurse and volunteering as a carer for older people. All the while they have been homeschooling their three children.

“I have worked throughout the period of lockdown. In fact I haven’t taken a sick day in the whole three years I have worked for the company!” says Jonathan, “My company did say I could take the government furlough scheme, but we just couldn’t afford to lose 25% of my salary. Besides they would just get an agency worker in and they wouldn’t know the building like I do!”

“I was worried about him going to work every day on the bus,” says Ernestina, “he had his gloves and facemask, but when he would come home we put all his clothes straight into the washing machine. When I was out doing my caring work, our eldest daughter would be looking up new cases and say, ‘Mum don’t go near this area today.”

“Completing my studies with the children at home has not been easy, but I have managed to finish my coursework,” says Ernestina who has just passed her Access to Nursing Course. How does she feel, knowing that her chosen career will mean she would be frontline in any future health crisis? “I have thought about this and at first I was scared, but I spoke to one of my nurse friends and she said, will you run, where will you go and hide? And when she said that I knew, nursing is for me, I want to be where I can help.”