Enoch Baffour

Tuesday 4th November 2014

Enoch Baffour

University graduate and Aylesbury resident Enoch Baffour, is one of 5 new Trustees joining the Board of Creation Trust. Aged 23, he is our youngest ever Board member. Finding time in between his two jobs, Enoch talks to ECHO about why he thinks more young people should get involved in making the big decisions about the future of the area.

“I moved to the Aylesbury estate, in 1997, when I was 7. I made friends instantly, most of who are still my friends today.”

“It was only when I started going to College outside from the area and I would tell people that I lived on the Aylesbury estate, that I realised how it was perceived. People would have this intake of breath and ask if it was a rough place to live, but I never saw anything like that. The perception of this estate is nothing like the reality. The way it is portrayed in films and TV always show the worse.”

“I studied History and Politics at Brunei University. It was never an option for me not to go to university, even though it was expensive, my parents have a very clear idea of what they want for me, my twin brother and my sister. They told us to study hard to get what we want.”

“Being a Board member for Creation is a really good opportunity to look and scrutinise policies that will affect all of us in the future. I like meeting local councillors and other residents. Growing up here, I feel like it’s time to put something back.”

“I would like to see more young people getting involved in the future of the estate. Most of us want to stay living locally, the regeneration affects us, and so we should try and have our say now. As a Board member, I want to work towards building a vibrant community, I would like to see more interaction between people, but most importantly I want to make sure that we are building homes that people like me can afford to live in.”

“I know some people use growing up on the Aylesbury estate as a negative and a bit of an excuse; I see it as a positive. I love how multi-cultural this area is, how many different languages you hear. I like smelling the new foods from other countries and thinking I would like to try that!”

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