Community Team

Monday 12th May 2014

Community Team

The Community Team is a group of Aylesbury Estate residents employed by Creation on an occasional basis, to assist with Creation outreach, events, research, and to help inform residents about the regeneration process.

The programme has been running since November 2011. Since it was established, the team has taken part in over 40 different events and activities. They have conducted questionnaires, outreach and research. They have supported Creation at all our events and Southwark Council regular employs them for their own events.

The Community Team allows Creation to reach out to more residents, they have helped to raise our local profile and because of their professionalism and attitude, they promote the positive reputation of the Aylesbury estate

Be Part of The Team!

We are always looking for new members of the Community Team, if you are interested in learning more about the regeneration and passing on this information to your friends and neighbours, if you feel confident about speaking to new people, if you feel you are a positive ambassador for the Aylesbury estate? We would like to hear from you! Contact Sarah 0207 7038923 or for more information.

Two estate wide consultations, one on youth services, one on housing.

Creation’s community events, including anti-crime event, family days, advice day, employment events, tours of the new flats in phase 1.

They have been employed by Southwark Council for the re-opening of Burgess Park, BMX track, May Day event Open Square Gardens. Since the new look Burgess Park opened, the Creation Community Team has been working as Park Ambassadors helping park users with their questions about the park.

The Communtiy Team decided on their own branding and the name of the project, they have conducted outreach events across the estate, and they help Creation Trust to project activities and opportunities. They also help us to form focus group to help understand what residents want and need. 


Prior to the setting up of the Community Team, Creation’s only sustained engagement with residents was through the T&RAs. As the organization representing residents in the regeneration process, Creation Trust wanted to find other ways to build up regular contact with local residents and fulfill our role as ‘the voice of residents’.

Who Are They?

Over the course of the 20 months that the programme has been running, 18 residents have been recruited.

At any one time, there are different levels of engagement from the team members, depending on a variety of things, for example health issues, employment and family commitments. At this current time there are 11 members of the team having a regular, sustained quality involvement with Creation Trust.

The team is recruited from a variety of ways, through the ECHO, outreach events and through some of our other programmes. The youngest member of the team is 17 and the oldest is 65. We have recruited men and women from across the estate and they represent a number of ethnicities.

“Being in the community team has been very rewarding. I have a lot more insight of what’s happening now and what’s going to happen.”    

Community Team Member

What Do They Do?

  Since the team was set up, they have worked on a number of things including;

“Just a quick note to say the team were amazing yesterday and a huge help. We had 130 people coming and I wasn't prepare to manage such a big volume of people, but the ladies were so supporting and willing and made my life much easier! I told them already how fantastic they've been, but I wanted to tell you as well and thank you for suggesting to use them. I'll definitely call them again for events.”     Claudia Cimino Stakeholder relationship Officer Southwark Council  


Every member of the team receives an initial training delivered by Creation staff members. This covers background to Creation Trust, the work we do, and sets the Community Team work in context, with the regeneration. The training also covers personal safety and confidentiality.

After this they have access to other training opportunities which they can choose to do. This has included Southwark Council events course REVEAL, 8 members of the team have passed the accredited Welcome Ambassador training, the qualification devised for the Olympics. Members of the Community Team have also been referred to the SE17Working Programme and participated in some of their programmes. There are also many soft skills that the Community Team have acquired, for example the confidence to speak to new people, also taking more pride in the local community and more interest in what is happening locally.

“I feel really proud of everything we have done as members of the community team. Before this I never would have had the confidence to speak to people I didn’t know, now I talk to my neighbours and tell them about what Creation are doing and how they can get involved.”Community Team Member

“A huge thank you to the community team, who were fantastic, really professional and friendly. It really sets the right tone to have local people working at the park.” Lis Ssenjovu, Events Consultant for Burgess Park