#change the ident

Wednesday 30th January 2019

For over 10 years residents of the Aylesbury Estate have seen their homes badly portrayed by the iconic Channel 4 ident. The Creation Trust worked with Southwark based film maker Nick Street and residents of the estate to remake the film and re-address the balance. We want Channel 4 to show our film instead!

We identified the exact block and contacted all the residents in the 20 flats along the corridor.  Film maker Nick Street directed the shoot working with residents to choreograph the scene.  We spent a day filming and now the piece is ready. 

Charlotte Benstead, Creation Trust Director said – “I have worked on the estate for many years and know that the ident is not a true reflection of the neighbourhood. We wanted to show the world that this estate is home to many people who are proud of where they live and want to shake off the negative reputation that is re-emphasised almost nightly on channel 4”

Millie Pemberton – Aylesbury resident said – “Our homes are not like that film. When people ask where we live they think of that film and we are fed up seeing it."

Ryan Harris – Resident said – “We know it is not the prettiest place to live but it is our home”